Buy for University mortgages

Student housing could be flats or houses, these are in London. We can arrange buy for university mortgages for students in England, Wales and Scotland.
Students can’t buy their homes…. can they?

Students at university can buy their homes, in fact, students at university can buy their own homes, let rooms out to their friends, pay their mortgage AND HAVE SOME CASH OVER.

Incredible? No – you just need the right help!

We’re working with student landlords with a difference, the landlord IS the student!

So – If you’re a university student with more than one year left on your full time course, contact us now and let’s see if we can get you on the first rung of the home ownership ladder.

You can borrow anything up to £400,000 depending on where in the UK you are and you can have up to three friends (or otherwise) sharing your place, so you can be collecting rent from them to subsidise your studies.

You’ll need someone to support your buy for university mortgage application, that’s normally a parent but it could be a step-parent or even grandparent. They might need to help you with your deposit or allow a security charge on their house if you can’t put cash in. Talk to them first and then we can set up a call with one of our advisors, you and them to make sure everyone is on board. You’ll be paying your mortgage, not them – we’re only asking them to guarantee the payments should you get into difficulties – it’s a conversation you’ll need to have though!

To find out more about buy for university mortgages call us free on 0808 164 2364

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